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OFAC/USA Patriot Act Software
Compliance Database
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Last Update 7/18/2024

Our affordable, easy to use Programs will have you in Compliance in Minutes
OFAC Db Analyzer
Version 11
Solutions for your OFAC & Patriot Act Compliance Requirements

The USA PATRIOT Act requires that all Persons/Companies doing business in the U.S. MUST comply with OFAC Regulations.
Is your Company in Compliance? One of our affordable , easy to use Programs will have you in Compliance in Minutes

Our Products

Our Products

Our OFAC Compliance Programs ensure that your data is scanned against the latest OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) and other relevant Government lists

OFAC Database Analyzer
Scan your entire database against the latest OFAC/Other Lists

Online OFAC Search
Search Person / Company Names against the latest  OFAC & Other Lists

FinCEN Analyzer
Scan your entire database against the latest FinCEN 314 Requests

Programming Tools
Download latest OFAC Data for your applications. more..
Integrate an OFAC Search with our OFAC API

About Us

About OFAC Analyzer

We published our first OFAC Database Analyzer program in 2001, when we developed the OFAC Database Analyzer FOR and WITH a financial institution  that was seeking an affordable and easy to use solution.

The improvement and evolution of the OFAC Database Analyzer is 100% driven by the demands, desires and suggestions of our clients.

Our valued clients are in the fields of Banking, Credit Unions, Insurance, Gaming, Auto/Boat Sales and many more. We believe in tools that allow you to be an expert at what you do.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is ready and available to help you with any questions you have.

We offer the following FREE support options:

Our goal is for all your questions and problems to be solved quickly and efficiently, and to help you become familiar with our software's many features

Which of these Company Names look suspicious to you?
Atlas Air Conditioning, London View Report
Forpres S.C.,Mexico View Report
Fartrade Holdings, Switzerland View Report
FACT: All of the above are on the OFAC SDN List.
Comments from our Customers
"OFAC compliance just got easier. This software package is simple, fast, reliable, and always up-to-date. Well worth the price."
Chuck Lampe, VP, First Federal Credit Union
"This is a handy solution to our OFAC compliance headache. I feel like it was designed exactly for our bank's compliance needs. It's been a pleasure to work with OFAC Analyzer and the people behind it."
Patrick Slater, VP, Fairfax Bank
Thanks for your help, you guys have the best tech support I've seen in a long time!
Bryon Tompkins
Our customers include the FDIC, Banks, Credit Unions, Loan & Mortgage Companies, Check Cashing and Money Exchange, Insurance Companies, Casinos, Auto Dealers, International Organizations and more.
Some of the Companies using our Products
We offer a 10-day FREE Trial* of the Online OFAC Search & OFAC Database Analyzer.

OFAC Analyzer in CreditUnion.com!

We are proud to be a Vendor in CreditUnion.com's Supplier list, the largest vendor directory dedicated to the credit union industry.

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